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ROBOT - 3 Axis.png

High Precision Three-axis AC Servo Traversing Robot-Single Stage

BRR Series is applicable to all types of horizontal injection machine ranges of 100~650T for take-out products and sprues. Vertical arm is telescopic stage. Full AC servo motor driven on each axis. Products take-out at super high-speed (0.8sec.) and dry cycle time within 5 seconds, applicable to take-out products with short forming cycle or complex automatic. Also with the function of mold labeling and mold inserting.

ROBOT - Swing Arm.png

Swing Arm Robot

The BRP series offers take -times available for sprue separation and parts removal. Self-lubricating pneumatic drive system affords low maintenance, exceptional stability and reliability. This series of robots are constructed on modular principle to ensure high precision and lightness. The main arm rides vertically on a linear slide-rail and slides horizontally (crosswise) on two roller guide-ways, no maintenance is required and smooth running and the elimination of play/slack is ensured. Travel cushions on the vertical axis minimize vibration and ensure smooth deceleration; hydraulic shock absorbers are fitted on the crosswise axis for efficient damping.


For maximum flexibility the arm can be easily adjusted to release runner/parts at the operator or the rear side of the machine.

Swing angle can be freely adjusted between 60 to 90 degree through a positive but easily adjusted location  fitting on the cylinder-driven oscillating arm.

The manual clamp system on the BRP series of robots allowed them to swing clear of the mould area in seconds; without the use of tools built-in ratchet mechanism, which controls motion of the robot arm out of the mould area, enables easy mould changes or maintenance

ROBOT - Rotary Servo.png

N-Series Rotary Servo Robot

Break through the movement rule of XYZ and change the linear movement into rotary with the N-Series Rotary Servo Robot.

Fits machines up to 300T with a take out time of 1 second.

Save energy, low noise, high response and high efficiency.

Small compact size occupies less space.

ROBOT - 6 Axis.png

AC Servo Six Axis Robot

With its fast cycle times, precision and motion range, BRIR robots are the first choice for compact 6-axis robots. BRIR arms have a unique slimline design that allows the arms to reach into confined/restricted work spaces from many angles with its smooth motion. The slimline body and compact wrist of the BRIR enables great motion range and less mechanical restrictions making BRIR robots the most compact and flexible robots in the market today.

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