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PME can also offer finance on all our product range working with our finance partner TeleLease. TeleLease can offer expert advice on key issues such as:


Lease or Purchase Options
Taxation and VAT
The Annual Investment Allowance

Which Machinery Finance Option?

With so many different types of lease and lease purchase schemes on offer it’s easy to get confused and end up with the wrong product. We’re here to help and will ensure that you choose the most appropriate machinery finance option for your business.
We provide Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Lease Purchase & Operating Lease products, all of which are suitable for financing injection moulding machinery.

Regardless of whether you lease or purchase your new machine, every penny you spend will reduce the income tax liability of your business. The question however is which option will reduce this the most over the shortest period of time so you get the maximum benefit today instead of tomorrow.

Standard terms are to pay one third of the cost of the machine at the time of

order, a second third when it leaves the factory and then a final payment

when it arrives in the UK.
If we arrange the finance then you will still be required to pay one third

on order but providing you’ve signed the finance agreement there will be no further payments to make until the new machine is installed in your factory and the finance agreement commences.
We can also arrange to refund your initial payment so that you simply pay one month in advance, retaining the maximum amount of cash in your business.


In cases where cash is tight but you have used machinery owned outright, we can look at releasing the equity via a sale and leaseback or hire purchase back to finance the initial payment on your new machine.

You will usually be required to pay the VAT on the cost of the new machine on delivery, 100% of which can be recovered by VAT registered businesses.
If this causes cash-flow problems then you might want to consider a scheme where we pay the VAT up front then charge it on top of your monthly payments.

Let us know that you’re interested in our finance options when you enquire and we will guide you through the process.
Injection Moulding Machinery finance options are available to sole traders, partnerships and companies throughout the UK mainland. Finance is subject of credit approval and terms and conditions apply.

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